Fine Mechanics

The Fine Mechanics team focuses on research and development in complex solutions of mechanical systems related to the requirements of precise mounting of optical components of developed systems. We carry out the whole process from the initial design, through CAD models, numerical simulations and thermo-mechanical analysis, precise production, and assembly to quality control.

Our team and equipment

  • a highly qualified and experienced team
  • CAE systems for design, construction, analysis, and numerical simulations and CAM systems for production support and automation (SolidWorks, SolidCAM)
  • FEM and FVM software for the numerical simulation of system deformation and strain and for the analysis of the influence of temperature and flow(Comsol Multiphysics)
  • research laboratories equipped by a five-axis machining centre, CNC lathe, precise computer-controlled press for realization of moulded optical elements, and precise measurement systems (e. g. a precision coordinate measuring machine)
  • unique CNC shape generator with accuracy in fractions of nm using the SPDT (Single Point Diamond Turning) method including ultrasonic assistance

Our activities

  • development and construction of mechanical systems as parts of advanced integration units
  • multi-physical numerical simulations, linear and non-linear analysis, modal analysis, harmonic analysis, thermal and thermomechanical analysis
  • prototype production of elements for optical systems, machine parts, and tooling
  • production of tool forms for the manufacturing of optical components by injection moulding (especially of RSA and tool steels), free-form optical elements from PMMA and materials for IR optics

Our Projects

The Fine Mechanics department contributes to the majority of the R&D tasks solved within the TOPTEC Centre, the most important of which include:

  • construction and production of assembly components for NEOSTEL (the Near Earth Object Survey TELescope) – a collimator with a diameter of 600 mm installed on a 3.5 m tall precision-controlled motorized elevator PDF (0.8 MB)
  • all the mechanical components and tooling required for the realization of optical systems for the ASPIICS (Association de Satellite Pour l'Imagerie et l'Interferometrie de la Couronne Solaire) coronagraph on the Proba 3 mission PDF (0.7 MB)
  • construction and thermo-mechanical analysis of welding and hardening laser heads for an industrial R&D project
  • production of ultra-precise composite tooling (aluminium-granite) for optical machining within the METIS project for the European Space Agency (ESA) PDF (0.8 MB)
  • manufacturing of precise mechanical parts for an ionic trap for the Czech Metrology Institute;
  • production of complex moulds and moulders in optical quality (made from tool steel, RSA etc.) for application in the automotive industry or medicine (contact lenses)
  • research into machining processes for the manufacturing of highly precise mandrels of various sizes for x-ray objective production
  • construction and machining of a device for defined cementing of doublets and a device for lens centering
  • knee replacement inserts, tooling for production of hip joint replacements

Our cooperation

We closely cooperate with scientific organizations in the Czech Republic (Technical University in Liberec, Institute of Thermomechanics of the CAS, Charles University – Faculty of Medicine, Teaching Hospital in Hradec Králové) as well as abroad (European Space Agency, Centre Spatial de Liege, OHB Italia). We provide prototyping of device parts and we collaborate with many companies in a number of sectors (the automotive industry, biomedicine, astronomy, engineering, transportation, etc.). Thanks to this collaboration we can assist in solving a wide range of issues.


David Macner 
Tel.: +420 481 549 447