Our Research

The principal field of our research activities is superprecise special optics. The most significant R&D directions of TOPTEC include:

  • design, optimization and construction of state-of-the art computer controlled and monitored optical systems using optoelectronic elements, as well as development of computer assisted alignment procedures
  • research and development of processes for the processing of optical glass as well as ceramic and metallic materials, i.e. research into polishing processes, grinding processes, glass moulding processes as well as processes of ion beam figuring aimed at atomic surface layer etching intended for fine corrections of the surface shape of an element
  • research and development of thin films for antireflection and superreflection purposes, such as application-specific layer systems used in optics for high performance lasers
  • research into measurement and analytical methods for use in the measurement of the shape of optical surfaces, as well as for precise spectroscopy, hyper-dimensional analysis, or measurement of refractive index distribution, surface quality analysis, and many other areas
  • material research focused mainly on ferroelectric and other nonlinear optoelectronic materials, or the use of new materials for the manufacturing of thin layers with unique properties

We have built an outstanding scientific team with international experience from leading world research centres (EPFL, Switzerland; CERN, Switzerland; Lund University, Sweden; ITO, Germany, etc.). The quality of the Centre research activities has been substantiated by regular publication of achieved results in prestigious international journals focused on optics and related topics.

Our long-term strategy focuses on achievement of excellence in selected key areas such as the development of complex optical surface treatment technology, transition from simple optical elements to complex optical systems, hyperdimensional analysis, advanced spectroscopy, or development in the field of infrared optics. Inevitably, we face constant pressure to increase competencies in the area of precision and special metrology.

You will find more information about our R&D activities on the pages dedicated to our specializations.