Our Vision

  • TOPTEC has built a first-class reputation on a European scale.
  • TOPTEC is a stable and well-established brand evoking top research, advanced technology, reliability, precision, smart solutions.
  • TOPTEC is a useful partner for consortia running projects in the Czech Republic and worldwide.

The team at TOPTEC has been expanding international cooperation in the construction of devices for space research, research in metrology, and development of metrological devices, analytical optical devices and sensorics, as well as optics for high performance lasers.

In the long term, our expertise has been developing in the following directions:

  • metrology
  • development of optical elements with complex geometry and high level of integration
  • hyperdimensional imaging and spectroscopy
  • thin films for the most demanding applications
  • complex optical, optoelectronic and optomechanic systems

Optics and photonics belong among the most dynamically developing fields of global economy. They represent standard technology for sensorics (automation, self-driving cars), data transfer and storage (internet communication transfer by means of optical cable), highly precise material machining (laser machining and welding), material analysis (healthcare, optic and optoelectronic industry), and many other areas. Optics and photonics thus help to improve the state of society as well as to raise the quality of life of individuals. Innovative application of optical systems brings considerable financial and energy savings in industry and the use of advanced optical technologies has raised many domains, such as the automobile industry, laser machining, medicine, metrology, or space industry to a completely new level. The European Union holds an eminent position in optics and photonics thanks to a long-standing tradition and support of these fields, which would never be fully competitive without strong support of optical technologies. Consequently, there is a constant pressure in optics and photonics on the necessity of technological progress and fast transfer of research and development results into production, which is also the principal task of our Centre.